Grand Hotel Elektra Ludvika

Welcome to our hotel! The hotel is conveniently located in central Ludvika, within walking distance to shops, a department store, and public transportation. The name Elektra pointed to the large company known for its world-class electricity transmission. Many of our rooms have a view of Dalarna’s 5th largest lake; Väsman. The hotel was founded by the legendary hotel-man Einar Söder, and is currently run by the Köhler family since the last 25 years. 

Cross country skiing

Ljungåsen 15 k m from the hotel is a ski paradise in an enviroment reminiscent of the mountain world. Track lengts 0,3km to 8 km.
Björkås , Grängesberg. 8 km from the hotel. 4 different tracks: 2,2 - 6 km. Light track 2,2 open Monday t Friday 1630 - 2030. Track fee.


Romme Alpin: Skiing like in the mountains close by, about a 35 min drive from the hotel. 22 slopes, 13 lifts, ski rental, café and restaurant. Open for the weekend  9-10/12.
Säfsen:  About 55 min drive from the hotel.  A large selection of long and easy descents. Great skiing for everyone.   Open 22/12 - 7/4.
Fjällberget: only 25 min drive from the hotel. A small ski resort with 3 different  slopes and a Fun Park. The longest descent 900 meter.  Ski rental, cafe. Open : Tuesdays and Thursdays  18 - 21. Saturdays and Sundays 10-16 from 25/12. Sunday


Väsman Winter Arena:  During the winter months, when ice conditions allow, two tracks are plowed on Lake Väsman. A shorter one for kicksleding and walks and one with a length of 14 km which is suitable for long distance skating and country skiing.
Please see current ice information .

Conference rooms

The Grand Hotel Elektra has the city's most purposeful conference rooms .
We have several conference- and group rooms, and all rooms have Wifi. The main conference room always We can offer conference service, full and half day conference packages, as well as full board offers.

The largest room in the hotel accommodates 75 people in theater layout.
We now can offer videoconferencing in our largest room.

For more information contact us on 0240-182 20 or


We have 4 conference rooms from 4 - 75 guests.


Suite, Superior, Standard rooms,   Family rooms, Room with Connecting door, 

Bar & Bistro

The Restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 1800.

The Gym & Other Information: 

Gym:  A 1500 square meter gym with free weights, machines, and many workout classes of various kind.
Our hotel guests enjoy free admission to the gym. There is also Golf and Shooting simulator which is booked separately.

Running: Meeting place Running meets in our Lobby three times a week. They are local running enthusiasts who are happy to bring you along and show you good running routes.

Bikes: As a guest you have free access to bicycles, of course there are also helmets, bicycle baskets and reflectors. There are nice cycle paths and routes in the surrounding area.

Swimming: In the vicinity, there are many beautiful spots for swimming. During winter there is also a pool about 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel.
Sustainability policy

Together with Visit Dalarna, we have made asustainability analysis, which is an ongoing project. Some of our goals are:

- We shall continually develop our business in asustainable direction.
- We try to be a positive force in the local communityand often and willingly collaborate with local actors, suppliers, andproducers.
- We must always follow laws and regulations.
- We shall always ensure good working conditions withinour own operation and for our suppliers.
- Stand for good hospitality.
- Do business according to good business practice andwith high business ethics.
- Respect local natural- and cultural values.

Hotellicense number 30550353
What is aNordic Ecolabelled hotel (Svanenmärkt)?
A NordicEcolabelled hotel (Svanenmärkt) takes its responsibility and meets the Nordic Ecolabelling'sstrict environmental requirements. The hotel must meet certain limits inenergy, water, chemicals, and waste consumption/management. Everything frompurchasing to the own supply is scrutinized for its environmental impact.
With ourwork, we want to show that it is important for us to work for improvementsconstantly and actively, and thus be able to participate in creating a bettercleaner environment in the future. Through our collaboration with the NordicEcolabel, we have received clear guidelines and routines which have helped usreview our environmental work and develop it further.
The goal:a reduced environmental impact.
We reduceour energy impact by, among other things, switching to low energy lights.
We havechosen electricity from 100% renewable energy sources.
We chooseproducts with low energy consumption.
We aregradually switching to low-flush toilets and low-flush faucets in the bathroomsinks and showers.
Whencleaning, we largely use dry cleaning methods with microfiber cloths. Wherethere is a need for chemical use, we use eco-labeled products.
We reduceour waste through sorting. We also provide the opportunity for our guests tosort their waste in the rooms and the conference area.
For thebreakfast buffet, we buy many organic-, Fair Trade, as well as locally producedproducts.
For allother purchases, we try to buy eco-labeled products as much as possible and toinfluence our suppliers.
In ourannual action plan, we set other intermediate goals.
Wemeasure regularly and document limit values.
We engageand inform our staff about our environmental work and what we have achieved.
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