Read the Best Western minimum standard Information Covid-19 pdf.

Dear Guest, Welcome!

The hotel is open, the occupancy is not what it has
been but we are so grateful for the reservations we get. Our receptionists
are fantastic; key cards, payment terminals, the reception desk and bar are
disinfected daily. 

Our housekeeping staff are cleaning the rooms even more thoroughly than usual,
and the scent of disinfectant can be perceived throughout the corridors.  

The breakfast staff sets up and makes nice buffets and breakfast bags. 

Many of our employees are very flexible and knowledgeable in several of our
roles here at the hotel. Everyone is inventive and makes suggestions on how we
can work out of the famous box. They all show such a willingness to work and
fighting spirit, thank you to our amazing staff!

Thanks also for all the support we receive from our guests, locals, business
owners and colleagues, we are truly moved. 

In these Covid-19 times, we hope you understand that our service offering may
change from time to time. We will do our best to keep you updated.

-The restaurant is closed until further notice. We always have tasty shrimp sandwiches in the Lobby Bar
and some days we can have a simple hot dish during the evening. Please ask the
receptionist at the front desk. 

-The bar is open only for our guests and their friends. There is a limit to the number of people in the
bar, as well as at the counter. 

-Breakfast is sometimes served as a buffet and sometimes in bags, depending on the number of guests. If
you do not want to eat from the buffet, please inform the reception the day
before and you will receive a breakfast bag instead. 

-Cleaning: Choose if you want us to clean your room during your entire stay, or only when you
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